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Committee Chairpersons

CTLA is stronger when we have an active, engaged membership. We encourage the active participation of all members. Please contact the chairperson of the committee(s) on which you wish to serve.

Amicus Curiae Cynthia Bott, Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC
Kathryn Calibey, RisCassi & Davis, PC
Karen K. Clark, Kenny O'Keefe & Usseglio, PC
Budget Committee Michael A. D'Amico, D'Amico Griffin & Pettinicchi, LLC
CLE Committee David W. Cooney, RisCassi & Davis, PC
John J. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy, Johnson, Schwab & Roberge, LLC
Court Rules Committee Steven D. Ecker, Cowdery Ecker & Murphy, LLC
Alinor C. Sterling, Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC
Employment Law Committee Lewis H. Chimes, L/O Lewis Chimes, LLC
Executive Committee Douglas P. Mahoney, Tremont & Sheldon, PC
Foreclosure Pro Bono David W. Cooney, RisCassi & Davis, PC
Humbert J. Polito, Jr., Polito & Quinn, LLC
Fund Development Brian M. Flood, The Flood Law Firm, LLC
Health Courts Committee Christopher D. Bernard, Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC
Legislative Action Committee Rosemarie Paine, Jacobs & Dow, LLC
Medical Malpractice Committee Christopher D. Bernard, Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, PC
Richard A. Silver, Silver Golub & Teitell, LLP
Membership Committee Anastasios T. Savvaides, Tooher Wocl & Leydon, LLC
Nominating Committee Andrew S. Groher, RisCassi & Davis, PC
Cindy L. Robinson, Tremont & Sheldon, PC
Products Liability Brenden P. Leydon, Tooher Wocl & Leydon, LLC
Professional Ethics Committee Joseph R. Mirrione, L/O Joseph R. Mirrione
Public Relations Timothy L. O'Keefe, Kenny O'Keefe & Usseglio, PC
D. Lincoln Woodard, Walsh Woodard LLC
Public Service Coordinators David W. Cooney, RisCassi & Davis, PC
Rosemarie Paine, Jacobs & Dow, LLC
Veterans Pro Bono Committee Matthew E. Auger, Suisman Shapiro Wool Brennan Gray & Greenberg, PC
Women's Caucus Marisa A. Bellair, Lynch Traub Keefe & Errante, PC
Workers' Compensation Section Patrick D. Skuret, L/O Daniel D. Skuret, PC
Young Lawyers Committee Alexander Bates, The Flood Law Firm, LLC
Christopher Houlihan, RisCassi & Davis, PC

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